‘Big Brother Mzansi’ season 4 all about disruption and blowing expectations

The charismatic Lawrence Maleka has brought back to captain ‘Big Brother Mzansi’ as the show’s host. Picture: Supplied

The charismatic Lawrence Maleka has brought back to captain ‘Big Brother Mzansi’ as the show’s host. Picture: Supplied

Published Dec 10, 2023


Another season of ‘Big Brother Mzansi’ is coming to screens in January and before you say not again, this season is promising to be next level.

The charismatic Lawrence Maleka is once again, this season’s show host. With his wit and charm, Maleka is set to create a memorable viewing experience for Mzansi viewers as he captains the housemates.

Maleka’s role on the show goes beyond just being a host; he is essentially the housemates’ door to the outside world and one could say he is a housemate himself, as he walks the journey with them.

Now, most viewers were most likely expecting the return of another season of ‘Big Brother Titans’ which aired earlier this year and saw Khosi Twala winning a whooping $100 000 but research proved that there was a hunger for another Mzansi edition of the show.

With no challenge ever being too big, Mzansi Magic is going all out for the new season, which is all about disruption, challenging perceptions and boldly breaking free from the norm.

The issue that tends to come from long-running TV formats is falling into the predictable trap, which challenged Multichoice and Red Peppers on how they can push the bar with the popular title.

"Big Brother S’ya Mosha is a disruption of the norm. It means setting a new bar, being the most memorable season for disrupting and breaking away from what is expected,” said Shirley Adonisi, Director of Local Entertainment Channels.

“Uku’mosha for us is very positive, it’s fun, it’s unpredictable and it allows you to actually be in a space where you can play. Uku’mosha doesn’t define if you do it a little bit or a lot, oksalayo uya mosha,” explained Adonisi about the season’s tagline S’ya Mosha.

''You may think you know how ‘Big Brother’ operates, but season 4 has more than just a few twists and turns that will keep viewers guessing,” said ‘Big Brother Mzansi’ executive producer Natalie Bleksley of Red Pepper Productions.

Bleksley explained that the challenge to push themselves out of their comfort zone provided them a great opportunity to explore and take the social experiment to a new level.

“The format is also being enhanced by adding new game mechanics...nothing is predictable, and Biggie is here to shake things up, building on the elements that viewers love i.e Saturday Night Parties, Friday Night Games.”

At the core of ‘Big Brother Mzansi’ is the concept that it is a “social experiment” that is essentially an entertainment show.

Housemates are brought together in one house and put through various challenges that push their boundaries and reveal who they really are as Big Brother manipulates the game.

As the housemates' layers are revealed, it so happens that some gain popularity and fame, becoming stars outside of the house. With a prize of money up for grabs, housemates play the game to win and shuu boy, do the claws and fakery come out.

Some housemates enter the house with the intention of becoming famous while some just want to authentically experience the social experiment.

Finding love in Biggie's house is nothing new, season one winner Mandla Hlatswayo in 2014 not only walked away with the prize money of R1-million but also his life partner Lexi Van.

The couple even had their own reality show ‘Mandla and Lexi’, got married and have two children and are currently living their lives in the Vaal.

Who can forget that ‘Big Brother Mzansi’ S3 brought out the likes of season winner Mpho Wabadimo and Themba Brolly, who went on to have his own reality show on Mzansi Magic,‘Themba: My Inked World’.

Broly and Wabadimo fell in love on the show and even went on to have a baby outside of the house, with their bumpy relationship trending and making headlines.

Several other housemates from season three have gone out to make names for themselves, Tulani Madala, Luthando “Bu” Mthembu, Libo and Ms Tamara; clearly attending every event, post their time in the house paid off.

Season four may have the aim to push boundaries and disrupt the lives of housemates; production and the channel has heard viewers cries and there will be no shower hour but don’t worry, that doesn’t mean they don’t shower.

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