Ms Manche doesn’t want to be involved in any drama as she sits out ‘The Mommy Club’ reunion

Tshego Manche, known as Ms Manche, appeared on season of 'The Mommy Club'. Picture: Supplied

Tshego Manche, known as Ms Manche, appeared on season of 'The Mommy Club'. Picture: Supplied

Published Nov 17, 2023


Three-time Most Popular TV Presenter SAFTA winner Thembisa Mdoda will host the reunion special of ‘The Mommy Club’, premiering on Showmax on December 5.

Fans have been calling for a reunion since the dramatic finale in September 2023, which once again topped the charts on Showmax and X (formerly Twitter).

The mommies ended the season on uncertain terms with lines drawn with regards to the fate of their friendships.

On the one side, we have Her Majesty and Mpumi; on the other, Nunurai and Ratile. In the middle, we have Ms Manche, who has remained neutral, not taking any sides

While Ms Manche tried to remain neutral, she did end up in the crossfire with not everyone taking kindly to her trying to be the peace maker.

She may have tried to stay away from conflict, but that’s always hard. In a press statement, the businesswoman spoke about how she is not interested in drama within friendships.

Ms Manche does not join the rest of ‘The Mommy Club’ at the reunion special. Picture: Supplied

“Don’t involve me in any drama, the only drama I give is in my outfits,” she said.

As a means to protect her energy, the reality TV star confirmed to IOL Entertainment that she opted not to join the rest of the ladies for the reunion because of how things ended between her and the rest of the gang.

The popular narrative painted her as the villain when she tried to help the ladies resolve their conflict.

Showmax has confirmed that a second season of ‘The Mommy Club’ will return in 2024 and Ms Manche will reportedly not be a full time cast member.

While Ms Manche is avoiding all the friendship drama, the other ladies will be addressing their truths at the reunion, with Mrs Mops ready to own her part and actions.

“There will be apologies made because, at the end of the day, we are all strong mothers and businesswomen and, at the crux of it, there is a friendship and a sisterhood,” added Mrs Mops.

Mdoda will be getting to the bottom of all the tea, leaving no stone unturned.