‘Muvhango’ bids farewell to one of its most iconic characters

Gabriel Temudzani, Chief Azwindinni Gandamipfa Mukwevho in “Muvhango”. Picture: Supplied

Gabriel Temudzani, Chief Azwindinni Gandamipfa Mukwevho in “Muvhango”. Picture: Supplied

Published May 8, 2023


It’s hard to think of “Muvhango” without Chief Azwindinni Gandamipfa Mukwevho, portrayed by Gabriel Temudzani, coming to mind and now, viewers are bidding farewell to the iconic character.

After 23 years, Temudzani is leaving the popular soapie, which had made him a household name.

On Friday, viewers were left shattered to see the tragic demise of Chief Azwindinni after being mercilessly gunned down by his cousin and adversary, Tenda, portrayed Nathaniel Ramabulana.

Tenda's kidnapping of Susan (portrayed by Maumela Mahuwa) was the first domino in a chain reaction that ultimately led to the Chief's death. After then, Tenda tampered with evidence to frame Azwindinni for Susan's disappearance.

He then planned for Azwindinni to be arrested, but police were taken aback when DNA evidence established his innocence and no warrant had been issued for his arrest. This allowed Tenda to bring the chief into his presence before his ex-wife and the mother of his children, where he executed him ruthlessly.

“Life is a collective and it’s well lived when it’s shared,” said Temudzani in a media statement. “The Chief of Thathe shall live forever”, he added.

The respected leader will be set aflame in tonight’s episode by Tenda who is avenging himself to all that put him in jail.

The untimely death of the chief will leave the Mukwevho clan in shock and mourning and bring along with it a wave of family drama expected to lead to chaos in the royal house.

The great Chief of Thathe is set to be laid to rest later in the month of May in accordance with the Royal family customs.