From the coveted Stanley Cup to Yokico stationery, these are the most in-demand goodies your kids are into

Kids don’t just want ordinary school supplies. Picture: Tracey Adams / IOL News

Kids don’t just want ordinary school supplies. Picture: Tracey Adams / IOL News

Published Jan 18, 2024


On Wednesday most children went back to school.

Whether your kid is in Grade one or matric, you must have received a long list of stationery requirements.

From over-priced glue sticks to a ridiculous amount of notebooks, stationery can be quite pricey.

However, the back-to-school goodies don’t just end with the listed stationery.

There’s the backpack, lunchbox and other accessories to take into consideration, especially if they are in Grade one and starting from scratch.

Having said that, many kids, regardless of what grade they are in, expect new goodies at the start of each new school year.

While you’ve most likely already had to buy new uniform items, the little ones don’t consider that as part of the “new” goodies.

Most of the time kids want new things is because what was “in” the previous year is no longer a trend in the new year.

Many kids are influenced by what they see on social media and what their favourite influencers are using.

This is especially true when it comes to the viral Stanley Cup. While geared more towards adults, the pricey water bottle is now desired by kids of all ages.

The bottle that looks more like a cup, went viral in the States and if you’re a regular TikTok user, you’ve most likely seen it all over your FYP.

It’s now available in South Africa and if your little one doesn’t know this yet, be warned, they will soon be asking for one as soon as they find out.

While the Stanley Cup might not be as popular here yet, there are other items that kids are nagging their parents for.

Here’s what kids in South Africa are keen on.

Everything has to match. From the backpack to the lunch bag and pencil case, all the items have to match.

Yokico, a South African school supply brand, remains very popular with the kids. They can’t seem to get enough of the vibrant prints and pops of colour.

The usual water bottles are out. Now kids are looking for water bottles with a built-in face spray.

The MamaMia spray water bottle retails for about R240.

When it comes to school stationery, kids no longer want your ordinary markers. There’s a special marker that those who are keen on expressing their creativity all know. And that’s the Posca marker.

YouTubers use them so of course our kids want them as well.

The special markers can cost anything from R30 to R100 each.

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