Gordon Ramsay reflects on loss of his son

Chef Gordon Ramsay and wife Tana Ramsay. Picture: Reuters

Chef Gordon Ramsay and wife Tana Ramsay. Picture: Reuters

Published Sep 21, 2023


Gordon Ramsay has opened up about the "life-changing" trauma of losing a baby when his wife Tana was 20 weeks pregnant.

The 56-year-old chef and his spouse Tana tragically lost son Rocky in 2016 and the 'Food Stars' host has admitted it was a "really tough" time for the family.

He told People magazine: “There’s no book that guides you through that loss, and so losing Rocky was really tough. Watching the trauma unfold, it’s this life-changing moment.”

But Ramsay believes the tragedy brought all of his family - which also includes Meghan, 25, 23-year-old twins Jack and Holly, Tilly, 21, and four-year-old Oscar - closer together.

He said: “We wouldn’t have had Oscar had we not lost Rocky. There was no substitute — far from it — but it brought us a bond that you’d never experience in a normal situation.”

The 'Kitchen Nightmares' host praised his "incredibly resilient" wife for how she dealt with the tragedy.

He said: "That's the power of Tana. Just watching the way that she dealt with it — and opened up with other friends and women in close proximity that could give advice — she was incredible straight after that.

"[The kids] get a lot of strength from their mom. There's a lot of things that Tana's done, that we wouldn't be here today without that strength."

In June, Tana marked seven years since losing Rocky with a heartfelt tribute.

She shared a photo from her pregnancy and wrote on Instagram: "A happy picture taken of us celebrating Meghan's 18th, I was just under 20 weeks pregnant.

"Although it's 7 years today, it still feels like yesterday.

"We all miss you everyday. We love you Rocky, forever in our hearts. I couldn't do this without my family, you are all everything to me xxxxxxxx.(sic)"