WATCH: Just a simple ‘voetsek’ got them in to see the ‘Barbie’ movie

Tumi the Narrator shares her experience. Picture: TikTok

Tumi the Narrator shares her experience. Picture: TikTok

Published Jul 25, 2023


If you’re thinking about taking your little one to see the ‘Barbie’ movie and they are not 13 years old, think again.

Most parents are finding it hard to accept that a movie about a doll and all things pink has a PG13 age restriction.

This past weekend TikToker Fancy Karen took her daughter to see the movie and was turned away at the entrance to the cinema because she was under age.

Popular TikToker Tums The Narrator had a similar experience Karyn had and took to the app to share what happened.

After buying their tickets, she explained that when they got to the door, a security guard stopped her and the kids and told them that they coundn’t go into the cinema.

Even though the child is five, she expressed that the restriction states PG, parental guidance and that she was in fact there as the guardian.

“She’s just going to look for dolls, things are pink, anything will just go over her head,” she explained to the security guard.

After asking for a refund, she was told that were are no refunds.

This caused quite a stir when another movie goer joined her to find out what the commotion was.

The person who Tums referred to as Piet, questioned what it is that the kids should not see in the movie.

“I’ve seen a Barbie doll naked. We buy it naked and we buy it with clothes. We know Barbie’s bums, We know Barbie’s boobs. We know everything about Barbie!” he commented.

At the end of it all, the parents basically wanted to know if they could get a refund.

Unfortunately, even the manager was adamant that they could not get one.

However, it just took one other parent with two little girls, who according to Tumi, looked like a businessman, to come along and say “voetsek” to all the nonsense and made all the kids go into the cinema.

While it was indeed a serious matter, it was relayed in true Tumi style, making it hilarious to watch.

The viral video has already been viewed almost 160K times with over 9000 comments.

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Most folk commented about the power of the word “voetsek.”

“Moral of the story: Sometimes all you need is a fotshek that comes from your diaphragm. Danko !!” commented one person.

Another said: “Man didn't have time to play with them. Voetsek goes a long way sometimes.”

“You’re a great storyteller. “ a simple voetsek got us in” I was on the floor,” giggled another.