WATCH: ‘Lyfie’ singer tracks down dancing boy Klein Kwagga

Klein Kwagga. Picture: TikTok screenshot

Klein Kwagga. Picture: TikTok screenshot

Published Nov 22, 2023


The little dancing boy who stole millions of hearts has been tracked down.

Over the weekend, a video of a boy taking centre stage at a school concert went viral for his adorable dance moves.

Along with other learners, he’s seen doing the moves to a popular Afrikaans song ‘Lyfie’ by South African artist Bernice West.

West tracked down the little boy who is fondly called Klein Kwagga and took to the popular video app TikTok to share the news.

The video which has been viewed over 3 million times shows Klein Kwagga, his dad and the singer doing the moves to the same song that made him famous.

She captions the video “ONS HET HOM GEVIND” (We found him).

@bernicewest_ ONS HET HOM GEVIND! Klein Kwagga het Suid-Afrika goed oorgeneem met sy dans passies en vandag het ek die geleentheid gekry om saam hom te kon dans!!! Al wat ek kan sê is “Doenit lyfie, Doenit”! 🩳 @boerboelwear 👟@fombrand #KleinKwagga #lyfie #doenitlyfiedoenit #dieHerehetmymooigemaak #boerboel #boerboelwear #boere ♬ Lyfie - Bernice West

In a follow-up post, the singer sits down with the little guy to ask him one question.

She tells him that there are many people out there who look up to him and wants to know if there is anything he could tell everyone to encourage them, what would that be?

His response is simply that people should remain firmly on the ground and serve the Lord.

In the caption, she said that it’s little people like him who make a big difference and give adults hope in our land and the future of our youth.

“Kom ons glo weer soos kinders,” (Let's believe like children again) she added.

@bernicewest_ Hoe profound is dit, as iemand so jonk vir iets staan en in God glo… “Bly plat op die aarde, en dien altyd die Here” - Klein Kwagga.. Dit los my partykeer stom as mens deur die jonger jeug op mense afkom wat sterk gewortel en geanker is in Jesus! Dis mense soos klein kwagga wat ‘n groot verskil maak en selfs in ouer mense soos ek, se harte weer hoop plant vir ons land, jeug en toekoms! Kom ons glo weer soos kinders… As dit ‘n opsie was sou ek sê: “Kwagga vir president” #kleinkwagga #lyfie #doenitlyfiedoenit #boerboelwear #boer ♬ Lyfie - Bernice West

Thousands have responded to the video, regardless of the fact that it’s all in Afrikaans.

“I don’t speak Afrikaans, but I’m so into this young man. You are an angel that has brought such joy to my heart” said one person.

Another commented: “I don’t understand the language but I really like this cute pie super star.”

“I don’t understand but as long as I see Klein Kwagga, I know we are well represented,” responded another.