Woman doesn’t recommend motherhood to anybody: ‘I hate being a mom’

Motherhood can be exhausting. Picture: Pexels Keira Burton

Motherhood can be exhausting. Picture: Pexels Keira Burton

Published Dec 20, 2023


Movies tend to paint a rosy picture of what motherhood is meant to be like.

All you get to see are the highlights - happy moms who adore their cute little ones who never seem to cry.

Babies who fall fast asleep as soon as a glowing mom puts them down.

Kids merrily play as a well-put-together mom relaxes.

Well, in reality, motherhood is a challenge.

Movies rarely show you the difficult side of being a mom.

Not sleeping for days because your baby has been up crying all night. The bleeding nipples because your baby can’t latch. Moms with hair unwashed and covered in puke.

One of the reasons why we never get to see the bad bits is that many mothers are too ashamed to speak up about it.

No mother wants to admit that they are struggling because that would mean that they are doing something wrong.

A woman on TikTok took to the app to share her honest opinion about being a mom.

In a short clip captioned: “I said what I said,” mom Rae (@_just_a_mama) says in her overlay text: “I actually hate being a mom.”

“I’m not okay.” she added.

“I try my best because that’s what I’m supposed to do... But I don’t recommend it to anybody.”

@_just_a_mama I said what I said. #MomTok #BlackMomTok #postpartum #MomOfTwo ♬ Speak Now - Taylor Swift

While this admission might come as a shock to many, there are women who in fact praised her for her brutal honesty.

“Thank you for sharing. you are not alone. I’m the best mom because I HAVE to be, but I’m not enjoying motherhood,” responded one woman.

Another woman said: “Thank you so much for your vulnerability. not enough moms talk about this.”

“This. and everybody makes me feel insanely guilty for saying so, as if i don’t already feel guilty for thinking that way,” commented another mom.

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