Dad-to-be feels he deserves a solo vacation before baby arrives

Picture: Rick Gebhardt/Unsplash

Picture: Rick Gebhardt/Unsplash

Published Mar 14, 2023


He took to Reddit’s "AmITheA--hole" (AITA) forum to ask if he is wrong for wanting to go on vacation alone, without his very pregnant partner. Becoming a parent to some people means sacrificing your freedom for the next 18+ years or for the rest of your life.

He said in his post that he grew up going on vacation every year and he feels it’s an essential part to live a good life but his wife, feels that it’s unnecessary and a luxury that maybe, they can’t afford right now. I mean, there is a baby on the way and why would you want to leave your wife while you sip on mimosas in the Bahamas?

He explains that his job is stressful and with the baby coming he needs time to himself, away from his 29 weeks pregnant wife: "I told my wife that I was considering taking some time off work and going on holiday somewhere," he wrote.

The husband feels it’s essential to have a solo vacation without his pregnant wife. Picture: Ömürden Cengiz/Unsplash

She asked if he could maybe spend time away closer to home but he insisted on going on a sunny vacation. He claims that he needs the vacation more than she does.

"She got very upset about this and told me I was being selfish," but of course, he disagrees, "I don’t think I am being selfish as she doesn’t view holidays as essential and this will likely be my last opportunity to go somewhere sunny for a few years with the baby on the way."

It’s normal for partners to be nervous before the birth of their child, but imagine how she must have felt when he he said he wants to leave her, highly pregnant, at a time she needs him the most. Haibo, that’s not it fam.