4 foods to eat on St Patrick’s Day beyond corned beef

Fish and chips. Picture: Pexels/Camille

Fish and chips. Picture: Pexels/Camille

Published Mar 17, 2023


Today is St Patrick's Day!

Also known as the Day of the Festival, it is an annual religious and cultural celebration in commemoration of the death of Saint Patrick.

Green is traditionally worn on St Patrick’s Day to symbolise the colour of Ireland. This day is a global celebration of the spirit, creativity, and determination of the saint.

There are traditionally no restrictions on eating or consuming alcohol.

This holiday is not only celebrated in Ireland, as Irish immigrants have taken the tradition all over the world with them, and South Africa is no exception.

No St. Patrick’s Day celebration is complete without some yummy Irish food and amazing drinks.

Try one of these dishes. Whether you cook at home or dine out at a great restaurant near you, you’re sure to do a little lively dance after tasting how delicious these are.

Fish and chips. Picture: Pexels/Camille

Fish and chips

Fish and chips have become a popular St. Patrick’s Day food. Fish and chips are a staple in many restaurants and bars. The white fish (usually cod) is deep-fried and served with a side of chips.

Shepherd’s pie

A classic dish like shepherd’s pie will be haunting restaurants and bars around the world on St Patrick’s Day. This dish has become popular and is the perfect way to build up a layer of carbo-loaded food before you pour yourself a drink.

Irish coffee. Picture: Pexels/Maria Orlova

Irish coffee

Having Irish coffee is the best way to wrap up St Patrick's Day festivities. Classic Irish coffee combines freshly brewed coffee with Irish whiskey and cream.

Though the combination doesn't sound overly complicated, the result is a perfectly balanced warm cocktail that is packed with creaminess and balanced with caffeine and alcohol.

You can quickly whip it at home; just make sure to use the best quality ingredients, including well-crafted whiskey, good-quality coffee, and real, fresh cream.

Beef stew

Beef stew is a great, hearty meal. Complete with beef chunks, root vegetables, potatoes, and a thick, well-seasoned broth, the beef stew would pair well with an ice-cold beer. Try out this recipe.