Boity Thulo takes tweeps on a trip down memory lane with ‘Worcestershire sauce’

Boity Thulo. Picture: Supplied

Boity Thulo. Picture: Supplied

Published Nov 26, 2022


Media personality Boity Thulo had tweeps nostalgic when she posted an image of a "worcestershire sauce" bottle on Twitter.

The TV personality asked her followers for their version on pronouncing the name of the sauce which has been around for most of our childhood.

She wrote: “How do y’all pronounce this? At home, it’s always been and still is “Voster sous” 🤷🏾‍♀️🤣 I’ve heard some people say the whole word and I’m like ”Huh?😕” 🤣🤣“

Thulo, who was recently voted the “Most Stylish Performing Artist in Music” at the 2022 SA Style Award, had tweeps digging deep in their past to find the names they called the famous sauce.

— Boity Thulo (@Boity) November 24, 2022

@steven_manganye : “ Worcestershire sauce with a ‘w’ sound”

@TBucsqueen wrote: “ Wus-ta-shaya-sos”

@Funlover021 wrote: “Viiistaaaaa sauce🤣😂😜”

— Chubby Virgo ♍ (@Funlover021) November 24, 2022

@Rabbi93333923 wrote: “Your don't add "sher" Ma'am it's silent...But the rest us correct.”

@Sfisi90361647: wrote: "In South Africa, because of the Africans, we call it "Vostershire/Voster Sauce," while in actual fact it is pronounced (Wostershire Sauce) "Woosta-Sheye Sauce."

@Escobunos wrote: “Anyone that includes 'shire' in the calling or asking for the sauce chances are likely to be "I don't have" because it has been always silent in all pronunciations I came across and the right spice is produced for, wister/voosta/whooster sauce.”

— Mashiane Tebogo (@Escobunos) November 24, 2022

@MafunaMawethu wrote: “There is a town called Worcester in the Western Cape.. you pronounce it “Woester” with a V sound. So based on that, I just call it “Woester-Sauce”