First it was ice cream, now it’s cake: Woolies, please stop leading us into temptation

Smash Celebration Cake. Picture: Supplied

Smash Celebration Cake. Picture: Supplied

Published Nov 23, 2021


“If you thought life couldn’t get any better, there’s literally a Chuckles cake,” says TikTok foodie @sirkeagan on his latest video.

The video captioned, “Woolies Chuckles cake for the win!”, and which has 400k views, shows a woman smashing open the hard chocolate dome on the top of the four-layer cake with a metal spoon to discover a treasure of Chuckles Malted Puffs.

@sirkeagan Woolies Chuckles cake for the win! #woolies #wooliesfood #woolworthssa #capetownsouthafrica #Chuckles #timtoksouthafrica #cake #southafrica ♬ No - Little Mix

The Smash Celebration Cake consists of layers of chocolate Madeira sponge, malt sponge, a crunchy milk chocolate disk that is studded with malted meringue pieces and crushed malted puffs, an additional layer of malt sponge and a final layer of chocolate Madeira sponge.

Smash Celebration Cake. Picture: Supplied

The cake is layered and covered with an all-butter malt icing, and then coated with chocolate sprinkles and topped with a milk choc dome that has Chuckles Malted Puffs underneath.

“With Chuckles being one of Woolworths’ iconic product ranges, we have identified an opportunity to create a curated range of treats inspired by this Woolworths favourite – and, in turn, identified a Celebration Cake as the perfect format – creating a shareable moment of joy for our customers,” says Caryn Albers, the product developer foods, FDS Fresh PD Bakery from Woolworths.

“We have also drawn inspiration from the on-trend smash cakes/piñata smash cakes, which is prepared by placing a moulded chocolate dome over an array of small, sweet treats, and the dome is smashed to reveal all of the treats. This adds an element of surprise that makes the product so much more special.”

Smash Celebration Cake. Picture: Supplied

For those who have been struggling to get their hands on the Chuckles Real Dairy Malt Ice cream and Mini Malt crunch solos, which sold out within the first week of it’s release, you’ll be happy to know that Woolworths is producing more and will have sufficient stock of the ice cream for the festive period and into the New year.

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