No eggs? No problem - here are the top 4 egg substitutes for baking

Plain yoghurt is a great substitute. Picture: Elif Tekkaya/ Pexels

Plain yoghurt is a great substitute. Picture: Elif Tekkaya/ Pexels

Published Sep 29, 2023


If you’re an avid baker, you might have noticed by now that there’s a shortage of eggs due to the outbreak of Avian flu.

Eggs are a major ingredient to help bind dry ingredients used for baking.

There are, however, ingredients one can use to substitute for eggs when no eggs are available. Here’s a list of ingredients you could use.


Yoghurt provides an excellent replacement for eggs in various baking recipes. Its creamy texture and tangy taste enhance the moisture and binding properties.

Utilise ¼ cup of plain yoghurt per large egg. Greek yoghurt, with its thicker consistency, is particularly advantageous when aiming for denser baked goods.

However, stay clear of flavoured yoghurt, as they may add unwanted sweetness or alter the taste profile of what you’re baking.

Plain yoghurt is a great substitute. Picture: Elif Tekkaya/ Pexels

Mashed bananas

One of the more popular egg substitutes is mashed bananas.

Because they are naturally sweet, they are ideal to use when making things like muffins, cakes, and brownies.

Use approximately ½ cup of mashed bananas per large egg.

The bananas not only provide moisture, but also help bind the ingredients together.

However, keep its strong flavour in mind when choosing what you’re baking, as it will affect the taste of what you are making. Choose recipes that will complement the fruity addition.

Apple sauce

For a fruitier alternative, consider using apple sauce as an egg substitute.

Just like mashed bananas, apple sauce adds moisture and binds the ingredients together. Use approximately ¼ cup of apple sauce for each large egg.

Opt for unsweetened apple sauce to maintain control over the sugar content of your baked goods.

Additionally, keep in mind that the apple flavour might slightly impact the final taste, so it's best suited for recipes where apple undertones are complementary.

Ground flaxseed mixed with water

Ground flaxseed combined with water create a gel-like mixture that mimics the binding properties of eggs.

For each large egg, mix 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed with 3 tablespoons of water. Allow the mixture to sit for a few minutes until it thickens.

Flaxseed meal has a nutty flavour that can add a delightful touch to your baked goods, particularly in recipes like cookies, pancakes, and quick bread.

All vegan recipes exclude eggs, therefore, if you’re stuck, you can always look up vegan baked goods for ideas.