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Monday, December 4, 2023

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What should you be eating and drinking to stay cool during a heatwave



Published Jan 21, 2023


Heatwave cases are being reported in many cities across the country.

This week has seen extreme heat, and we have all been trying to adjust to the unexpected shifts in weather.

Not only is it difficult to sleep at night, but we are also having difficulty concentrating when working from home, away from the regular air conditioning of our offices.

Although eating ice cream or drinking ice-cold drinks may seem natural in these circumstances, they aren’t doing our bodies any favours in terms of staying cool. During this time, sip on a cooling drink or nibbling on a cold snack that will help to keep your body temperature from soaring.

Cucumber. l PEXELS/LUMN


If there is one ingredient we should all be eating on hot days it’s cucumbers. They’re incredibly hydrating and are a summer superfood that you simply can’t ignore. Plus, they’re cooling and refreshing, making them an ideal choice. Cucumbers are particularly healthy raw, for in this form they retain more water.

Coconut water. l PEXELS/ELIF TEKKAYA

Coconut water

During the summer season, there is nothing better than a cool glass of coconut water. It contains 94% water and is also rich in several essential vitamins and minerals. It is suggested to consume natural coconut water poured directly from the shell. Drinking one cup of tender coconut water daily in the morning can keep your body hydrated and cool throughout the day.

Watermelons. Picture: Pexels/Leah Rolando


In the summer, watermelons make an excellent snack. For starters, they are extremely water-rich, making them ideal for restoring fluids lost to the sun. Secondly, they include certain essential nutrients, such as citrulline, which helps you feel calm and dilates your blood vessels, allowing you to maintain healthy blood pressure and become relaxed.

Odd as this may sound, chillies actually cool us down through evaporative cooling by enhancing circulation and causing us to perspire. l PEXELS/LOS MUERTOS CREW


Odd as this may sound – chillies actually cool us down through evaporative cooling by enhancing circulation and causing us to perspire. How about some Mexican salsa made with chopped tomato, green bell pepper, onion, chilli, and fresh coriander mixed with crushed garlic and sprinkled with lime juice and some good salt?



Not only are mangoes great for your skin, but they taste delicious and are made up of mostly water. This sweet, tropical fruit is constantly used in the Caribbean because it is known to lower body temperature. You could put this delicious food in a salad or eat it on its own, but whatever the case, it’s great to enjoy during a heat wave.