New mom Steffi Brink is back to her fitness routine and Mzansi is here for it

New mom: Steffi Brink. Picture: Instagram

New mom: Steffi Brink. Picture: Instagram

Published May 12, 2023


One month after giving birth to her first baby, media personality Steffi Brink is back on the grind doing her workout routines and getting back into shape.

Steffi and Clint Brink welcomed their baby girl Arielle Harmony Brink on April 6. The couple, who have been married for seven years, shared the journey of their pregnancy on social media and had followers invested in the entire process with their regular updates.

Proud parents: Clint and Steffi Brink. Picture: Instagram

Brink recently shared a video clip of her workouts and fans were amazed to see the new mom getting back into full force training.

She captioned the video: “Quick Wednesday home Workout 1 ROUND + a feed 🙈: 8 Sets of 100skips, Stretching, Glute Medius Activations 40 reps, Low Squat Pulses 40 reps, Squat Jumps 20 reps, BB Overhead Reverse Lunges (alternating 10/10), BB Front Squats 10 reps, BB Deadlift 10 reps, Kneeling Landmine Presses 10, Skaters 30, AB Circuit 10 reps per exercise. #PostPartum #1MonthPostPartum #HomeWorkout #FitMommy #WOTD #StrengthTraining #Fitness #Under45mins #BouncingBack.”

Indeed we see her bouncing back.

Her followers were impressed.

nhunter_sa wrote: “❤️ just saw this. Im also 1 month postpartum. Ill start exercising with you. 🙌”

imy_eye wrote: “I love that you are working so hard. Ask your doctor about it, but go easy on your joints and ligaments now for a while. Everything is different and softer because of hormones etc. Take good care of yourself. #lovingtheenergy”

faithandfitness45 wrote: “Go Mamma🙌🔥❤️.”

lynniejeftha wrote: “watch how this mamma bounce back 🥰❤️.”

ronelle_will wrote: “My husband and I love you soooo much ❤️🔥 super woman and super mom 👏😍🙌.”

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