WATCH: Cooking icon Fatima Sydow overwhelmed as R725,000 pours in to help her fight against cancer

Fatima Sydow. Picture: Supplied

Fatima Sydow. Picture: Supplied

Published Sep 26, 2023


Celebrity chef, cookbook author, and TV show host, Fatima Sydow, 49, from Lansdowne, Cape Town, has bravely shared her cancer journey with her followers since her diagnosis with Soft Tissue Sarcoma in December 2020.

This journey has tested her strength and resilience, leading her through a challenging array of treatments and surgeries, each taking a toll on her physical and emotional wellbeing.

Her path has been marked by moments of triumph and despair as she has continuously battled against the odds.

On August 18, 2023, realising that she was unable to work and confronted with the weight of her battle, Sydow reached out to her followers for financial assistance through a crowdfunding campaign on BackaBuddy.

This moment of vulnerability was met with overwhelming kindness, as more than 1,000 donors came together to raise R725,000 towards her target of R750,000.

Thanks to the generosity of donors, Sydow can now focus on her treatment without the burden of work or financial worries.

These funds will provide crucial support by covering her fundamental requirements, such as medical treatment, at-home caregiving services, and the purchase of a hospital bed for her forthcoming discharge.

Furthermore, they will assist in addressing ongoing day-to-day costs, including specialised dietary needs, weekly transportation to the hospital for treatment, and any other essentials that can significantly improve her overall comfort and quality of life.

The outpouring of support has deeply touched Sydow and her family, underscoring the transformative power of even the smallest acts of kindness and the resilience needed to conquer life's challenges.

Sydow, in a heartfelt message posted on her YouTube channel on September 13, expressed her gratitude towards her donors who have contributed to BackaBuddy:

“The support I’ve received has shown me the humanity of our community and the love we have for each other, our culture, our people, our city, and our country.

“I am so grateful; you have carried me through this journey more than you realise. You've done so much. Thank you; I love you all,” said Sydow.

For more information or to support Sydow’s campaign, please visit BackaBuddy: