WATCH: SA TikToker fell for ‘Dr Matthew Lani’ weight loss plug

TikTok user fell for one of Lani’s plugs. Picture: TikTok screenshot

TikTok user fell for one of Lani’s plugs. Picture: TikTok screenshot

Published Oct 13, 2023


So-called TikTok famous ‘Dr’ Matthew Lani has made headlines over the past few weeks after being exposed for not being a doctor at all.

However, before his TikTok account was taken down, the popular ‘Dr’ shared health tips with his 294,000 followers.

One of those followers was Tisoyaone Olibile.

Olibile took to the video platform to share that she had in fact been one of the many people who believed the fake doctor.

The video which has already been watched over 89K times, showing screenshots of Lani’s ‘Plug for Weight loss’ and a container of Acetyl-L Carnitine with the text “Here’s a plug for Weight loss. R132 at Dischem.”

She then showed that she had in fact gone out and bought the product from Dischem, saying: “What do I do with all these now? I’m not okay”.

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According to Healthline, L-carnitine helps move more fatty acids into your cells to be burned for energy. It’s sometimes used as a weight loss supplement.

Therefore it’s not surprising that many TikTok viewers were encouraging her to continue using the supplement since it does allegedly aid in weight loss.

“But you bought these at guinuine pharmacy... so dont waist your money by throwing those away they do work 😏he was googling for you guys so continue” commented one viewer.

Another simply said: “But they work!”

While another agreed saying: “Those work babe.”

‘Dr Lani’, whose real name is Matthew Bongani Lani, was promoting himself as a medical professional on social media platforms. He has also used the name Sanele Zingelwa.