Faith Nketsi’s community of property marriage shocker leaves Mzansi baffled

Faith Nketsi and her husband, Nzuzo Nkuthalo Njilo Picture: Facebook

Faith Nketsi and her husband, Nzuzo Nkuthalo Njilo Picture: Facebook

Published Oct 7, 2023


Mzansi is abuzz following the unexpected revelation that Faith Nketsi and her estranged husband, Nzuzo Njilo, had reportedly entered into a marriage in a community of property.

The couple’s relationship had been a subject of interest and admiration among their fans, but recent revelations left the public stunned.

The revelation about their marital status came to the forefront during the season premiere of Nketsi’s reality TV show, aptly titled ‘Have Faith.’

In a candid and emotional episode, Nketsi confirmed her separation from her husband, Nzuzo Njilo.

She disclosed the deteriorating state of her marriage and the surprising fact that they never officially formalized their union through legal documentation.

Nketsi, in a heart-to-heart conversation with her lawyer, questioned whether a divorce was necessary. She revealed that they didn’t sign any documents when they had their traditional wedding.

More shockingly, it also came to light that Nketsi and Njilo were married in community of property, a discovery that has set tongues wagging across Mzansi.

This revelation has raised questions about the legal implications of their marriage and the complexities that lie within.

News of Nketsi’s divorce and the revelation of their marriage in a community of property set social media platforms ablaze.

Fans and followers of the media personality have expressed a range of emotions and concerns.

Some have accused Njilo of being a con artist, alleging calculated moves in his dealings with Nketsi.