She thought her date stood her up but it turned out he died

A woman thought her date stood her up. Picture: Pexels Tan Danh

A woman thought her date stood her up. Picture: Pexels Tan Danh

Published Jul 12, 2023


Being stood up by a date is probably one of the worst things that can happen to anyone when entering the dating pool.

While this Reddit user thought everything was going well with a man she had just started dating, she was shocked when he one day stood her up on their date.

Little did she know that he had in fact died.

“We’ve been on four dates and instantly clicked and had so much in common and constantly talked and he was just awesome, had sex on our third date and it was amazing as well. I really thought I had found a good one,” wrote Reddit user @quanvuminhtran in the “off my chest” group.

“And then right before our fifth date, he went radio silent and promptly stood me up at the restaurant.”

That’s what she thought anyway.

“I thought ‘oh well he probably got something better to do thank god it’s only been like three weeks and I didn’t get too invested’. But I also really liked him and was hella mad,” she continued.

“Four days of me delving into every insecurity I ever had trying to find a reason he would ghost me like this and embarrass me by standing me up.”

She then met her friend, someone she worked with and who introduced her to the man.

“I didn’t want to seem unpleasant or anything so I just told him to tell the guy I’m not mad that he stood me up.”

With the saddest look on his face, he then responded: “Did you not know? He died. He got into a car crash on the 6th and died. How did you not know that?

“I was speechless. For days I thought this wonderful guy ghosted me for no reason and was terribly pissed with him. Turns out he got clipped by a reckless driver and died on his way to our date.

“I don’t even know how to react. I’m just so flabbergasted right now. I’ve known him for less than a month, how does one even deal with something like this?” she concluded.

“I’m sending you so much love right now. You’re dealing with a LOT. Not only the news but also that your interpretation of events was misplaced, together with the pain of believing you were being ghosted. That’s a LOT,” responded a sympathetic reader.

“I am so sorry. It's perfectly understandable that you'd be struggling to deal with this. Maybe some short-term grief counselling is in order. You're dealing with so many complex emotions right now. Sending you warm thoughts,” responded another.