‘Those were fake tears’ - fairytale wedding that went viral not all it appeared to be

They got divorced seven months later. Picture: Freepik

They got divorced seven months later. Picture: Freepik

Published Aug 24, 2023


Don’t believe everything you see on the internet.

TikTok is filled with videos of beautiful weddings. I especially love those when everybody gets all emotional; the ones that you can just tell are going to be a perfect marriage.

You know the ones that leave you all warm, fuzzy and teary-eyed?

A few years ago this wedding video popped up and soon went viral with over 8 million views.

The video showed an extremely emotional wife watching her bride walk down the aisle.

The gorgeous outdoor venue set the scene for a fairy-tale wedding.

By simply watching the viral video clip, everybody assumed that they were profoundly in love.

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However, it turned out that it was all a lie.

Well, so says Makenzie Robison, the bride in the viral video.

When she posted the video back in 2021, she had no idea that her marriage was not going to last.

In a more recent video, she told her followers that the fairytale only lasted seven months, and it was not love. It was fake.

“Those were fake tears. It was a lie. She left me three months pregnant,” she said.

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Speaking to Insider, Robison said that the viral moment shed light on social media’s misleading nature.

“This picture is painted at how perfect things are,” she said. “It's not real and everybody believes this fairytale story.”

She told Insider that four months after being married, they decided to have a baby with a sperm donor.

Soon after Robison got pregnant, she became sick with hyperemesis gravidarum (HG), a term for severe nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, which caused her to be in and out of the hospital. This impacted the relationship.

“I think she got to the point where she needed the attention that I couldn't give her,” Robison said.

During an argument one day, Robison said her ex left for work and never came home.

After getting together a few more times, she said she received a text from her ex saying she was talking to somebody else. The next day, she recounted on TikTok, she filed for divorce.

Insider reached out to Robison's ex for comment.

“Respectfully, we have both agreed a month ago to not discuss each other moving forward. She has her side and I have mine,” she responded.

The turbulent relationship, alongside going mega-viral video, has taught Robison to keep her private life off the internet, including her current relationship.