WATCH: Bride wears ‘pyjamas’ on her wedding day

Bridal couple wanted to comfortable on their wedding day. Picture: TikTok

Bridal couple wanted to comfortable on their wedding day. Picture: TikTok

Published Aug 1, 2023


All brides want to look beautiful on their wedding day but looking stunning doesn’t been you’ll be comfortable.

Many of those figure-hugging dresses involve wearing corsets and often tight body shapewear to hide all the unwanted rolls.

Now imagine spending an entire day being squeezed into a dress barely able to breathe, never mind move?

This bride decided that she wasn’t going to torture herself all day and opted to slide into something a whole lot more comfortable after the wedding ceremony.

The bride named Kaila (@kgilb3) took to TikTok to show how her wedding day started and how it ended.

The first two images show her wearing a gorgeous floor-length figure-hugging lace wedding gown with a long train alongside the groom who is seen wearing a black suit.

She then shows a video of herself and her hubby dancing on stage, both wearing baggy T-shirts.

Kaila paired her white T-shirt with white tight shorts and trainers while the groom opted for black comfy tracksuit pants. Both their T-shirts said “Just Married” on the back.

The overlay text on the video which has been viewed over 1.2 million times says: “Most brides want to put on a sparkly white dress as a second outfit… Me: Let's wear pyjamas!”

The post is captioned: “Be original. Do your own thing! Wearing Spandex and an oversized T-shirt was amazing after being in a dress all day.”

@kgilb3 be original. do your own thing! wearing spandex & an oversized t-shirt was amazing after being in a dress all day 😍 #weddingtiktok #2023brides #weddings #dancingqueen ♬ Bops Goin Brazy - Tyga

Many TikTok users loved their idea of getting comfy for the rest of their wedding day while others shared their own stories.

“I love this idea. something I have never seen before,” said one person while another commented: “that’s actually awesome.”

“We had an early wedding so we changed into all white and black sweats/hoodies and went to In n Out with our wedding party! best decision ever,” shared one woman.

Another shared her story, saying: “I wore white leggings and a black 'wife life’ sweatshirt while my husband wore white joggers and a black hoodie. We both wore matching crocs.”