LOOK: ‘Your boobs look incredible’ - Reddit users reassure unhappy bride that her ‘scandalous’ breasts look great in her wedding dress

Bride insecure about showing too much cleavage. Picture: Unsplash Gift Habeshaw

Bride insecure about showing too much cleavage. Picture: Unsplash Gift Habeshaw

Published Jun 9, 2023


Finding the perfect wedding dress can be a nightmare for many brides.

This bride did find her dream dress but in hindsight doesn’t think it was the best fit.

She took to Reddit’s “The Wedding Dress” group to share a picture of her dress and explains why she was so unhappy about it.

The picture shows her with her hubby on their wedding day. While her dress is absolutely gorgeous it does show off her full breasts.

“I have a very large chest but went for a deep plunge dress anyway, with the intention of taping them securely to the sides on the wedding day to decrease cleavage,” shares the bride.

“Long story short, the taping didn’t go as planned when I was getting ready and I ended up with a truly scandalous amount of boob showing. I didn’t fully realise how intense it was until now, looking back at the pictures. UGH!

“DH (dear husband) has been very sweet and reassuring but I just can’t get past it and keep retro-analysing people’s comments and reactions on that day trying to figure out what they actually thought. This feels like long-term Sunday Scaries,” she concludes.

Bride shows off her dress. Picture: Reddit

Reddit users have reassured her that she looked gorgeous and that there's nothing scandalous about her dress.

“There’s a tiktok that goes something like “am I showing off my boobs, or do I just have boobs?” And I think it’s entirely relevant here! There is NOTHING scandalous about your dress, you look amazing!! You have boobs, and they are appropriately covered. Your dress fits perfectly and you look stunning. It’s not worth fixating on something that you can’t change, especially when you really look that good!!!” commented one user.

“Girl, I wish my boobs could look that ‘scandalous’ Your boobs look incredible,” said another.

“More than 80% of the surface area is covered by opaque fabric, and you have mesh bridging the gap. Yes, it is a plunge style, but you are far from scandalous. You're totally okay. I think it's feeling and looking worse because a plan didn't go the way you thought it was going to, and that's okay. Take a step back and enjoy the photos. You look absolutely stunning!” reassured another.