WATCH: ‘Ama 2000s say they don’t want their boyfriends to pay lobola’

Woman questioning lobola goes viral on X. Picture: X

Woman questioning lobola goes viral on X. Picture: X

Published Oct 11, 2023


A video clip of a young woman questioning why men have to pay lobola has gone viral on X.

She doesn’t understand why, when the family can see that the man is struggling, they still insist that he pays lobola.

She added that all she wants to do is go to Home Affairs, sign the papers, pay the R75, and start their lives together.

The feisty woman continued by asking where the money goes after it’s been paid. Does it go towards the wedding or does it get pocketed?

The video posted by X user @Am_Blujay has been viewed almost 600K times.

He posted: “Ama 2000s say they don't want their boyfriends to pay lobola” along with the video.

With over 900 likes and 460 retweets, X users have had plenty to say on the matter.

@JamesChego9 posted a lengthy response, saying: “l am probably going to get attacked for this bt lobola is for 2 things. 1) It is proof that the man has enough financial power to take care of the wife after marriage - of coz some abuse this. 2) It is our culture, it is as equivalent to the R100K ring whites pay for their fiancée. if you don’t like your culture, there is definitely some wrong abt how you see yourself!! That is why a man should not get help from his wife when doing this, if he can’t pay lobola he is not fit to be a husband yet and definitely not a father.”

@brandohwanqa agreed with her, saying: “I'm sorry but I agree with her. Can someone help me understand why we pay lobola? And please don't use the appreciation argument because my parents equally did a good job in raising me.”

Father of three daughters @JustBlaqMax had this to say on the matter: “I have 3 daughters now. No child of mine is going my house without any lobola being paid. As a father you should prove to me that you will take good care of my child. No child of mine will question my judgements. Case closed.”