WATCH: Mzansi wife tattoos her husband’s face on her arm as a birthday gift

Excited husband loves his birthday present. Picture: TikTok

Excited husband loves his birthday present. Picture: TikTok

Published Jul 4, 2023


Getting a tattoo done is as much of a commitment as getting married.

While marriage is meant to be forever, the option to get out of it is always there. However, once you get inked, that’s it, it’s there forever.

This Mzansi wife is so committed to her husband that she even got his face tattooed onto her arm as a birthday gift to him.

Taking to TikTok, Zar Mrs M (@kingzae101) shared the special moment when she revealed the priceless birthday gift to her clearly elated husband.

The video captioned: “I tattooed my husband’s face for his birthday and this was his reaction” which has been viewed over a million times. The clip shows her in her gown welcoming her husband home and then showing him a picture of himself.

The picture alone made him happy, but when he saw that she had tattooed the same image onto her arm, you see his jaw drop in utter disbelief.

Showing the unknown cameraman her arm, he repeatedly tells the person: “She tattooed my face on it!”

The cameraman commented: “If you like it, put a ring on it. If she likes it, she puts a face on it.”

@kingzar101 Happy birthday My Love🥰🥰❤️❤️#marriagelife #loml #bestfriend #fypシ ♬ original sound - Zar Mrs M 👸

We then get to see all his other birthday spoils which include a birthday cake, bottles of alcohol and cologne.

Scrolling through the comments section, it’s clear that people simply love and admire her commitment to her husband.

“The true definition of forever yena,” commented one person.

“Thanks sister for reminding us that love is still available......i wish may God keep you and partner until the God get you apart,” said another.

Another viewer commented: “God bless this man and may you stay together forever. You guys are blessed.”