WATCH: Father critiqued for pretending to tattoo his 3-year-old daughter

Picture: Unsplash

Picture: Unsplash

Published Jun 9, 2023


As a kid, you want to try “adult” things in a quirky way. The fake nails, the plastic wine glass from which you drink your orange juice, you know, those kind of things.

A video clip that went viral shows TikTok user JT Cullen giving his daughter a tattoo experience. He can be seen holding a tattoo machine, ready to ink his daughter. The caption reads: ‘’Tattooing my 3-year-old daughter’, now that just sounds wrong, right?

While holding his toddler's cute hand as he gets ready to use his tattoo gun, he asks, "You ready?" For those who have experienced getting a tattoo, it’s no joke, the sound alone makes you want to pee in your pants.

As the gun starts vibrating, it frightens the 3-year-old who quickly pulls her hand away. Like a kid about to get a hiding. "I'm scared," she can be heard telling her dad. However, Cullen reassures her that it “won't hurt” as he takes her hand again.

@furnx420 #screammovie tattooing a toddler. obviously a marker. #Tattoo #Tattooing #Thelaughtersreal ♬ original sound - JT Cullen

He then continues to draw on her hand trying to maintain her stillness, “Hold on, I'm almost finished,’’ he says while putting the finishing touches on his masterpiece, a smiley face.

While many thought it was real, the TikTok user assured viewers that it was make believe and that he had used a non-permanent marker. ‘’It's a real tattoo gun the needle was taken out and replaced with a washable marker,’’ Cullen said.

But some viewers were still furious.

“THAT'S ILLEGAL,’’ wrote one. Let’s focus on actual illegal things, shall we? "Ink poisoning?" said another. As in cokie ink? Okay.

Of course if this was real, the little girl would’ve been screaming, unless she was like made of concrete or something.

There’s no way a kid would be that quiet while a needle is ripping into their skin.

‘’Imagine her shock when she gets her first real tattoo 😂’’ joked one user. Yeah, she will cry real tears.