WATCH: TikToker who is marrying her ex-boyfriend’s dad goes viral

The bride-to-be. Picture: TikTok

The bride-to-be. Picture: TikTok

Published Mar 14, 2023


Looking for love? You’d be amazed by where some people find the love of their lives.

From mutual friends to dating sites, you just never know how and when you will meet “the one”.

This TikTok user shared how she met the love of her life, and it has left people shocked.

In a post that has gone viral with over 10 million views and more than 790k likes, we see the TikToker, Wun-Nam, getting ready for what appears to be her wedding, as others help her get into her a dress and assist with her headpiece, with the blurb, “POV: you’re getting married to your ex-boyfriend’s dad”.


He likes them young 😁

♬ original sound - Right It’s Alex

The video is captioned, “Episode 4: He likes them young”.

In a follow-up video that got over five million views and is simply captioned, “Episode 5”, she writes: “POV: ur girls making fun of you on your wedding day bcuz ur Ex boyfriend is now officially your stepson.”


♬ original sound - Tierra Whack

Throughout her TikTok feed you’ll find other short clips with captions relating to her marrying her ex-boyfriend’s dad.

One actually shows her sitting next to a man who appears to be her ex-boyfriend with the blurb “POV: you and your stepson get along quite well and he respects you as his father’s new beloved wife.”

@wuunnam Motherrrr knows best 🥰. Blessed. #fypシ゚viral #fyp #viral ♬ mother knows best reprise - aleena ( ˘ ³˘)♥︎ (uh-lee-nuh)

A woman marrying her ex-boyfriend’s father isn’t something we see every day and TikTok users are amused by it all.

“I hope he doesn’t have to call you mom,” joked one user, while another commented: “She took the ‘if you break my heart I will date your father’ to another level.”

Another user commented: “She really took that revenge plot seriously.”

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