Fans react to ‘thick’ Uncle Waffles as her new burger launches in selected KFC restaurants

Uncle Waffles. Picture: Instagram/@UncleWaffles_

Uncle Waffles. Picture: Instagram/@UncleWaffles_

Published Aug 30, 2023


Uncle Waffles has always been viewed as one of the sexiest women in SA (maybe the world?) since she first exploded onto the scene back in 2021.

Her sex appeal has largely been attributed to her gorgeous face and her chunky booty. But fans are now noticing that her booty looks to have gotten even chunkier, and they’re loving it.

Fans first took notice of the 23-year-old’s backside on a recent post she shared with images and videos from her performance in Brussels, Belgium. “Europe you've been amazing,” she shared. “l've still got a surprise for you tho. Canada, US l'm back bby, let's link 🤩”

In awe, followers immediately took to the comments. “What has Uncle been eating lately,” one commented.

Another added, “The way this jumpsuit hugs your body, so good.” @thando__ couldn’t believe his eyes, “Waffles, this has to be AI. That booty is crazy 😭 thicccccck”.

Waffles went on to share dates for her upcoming North America tour: “Take 3 for 2023? ☺️ Let's!! CANADA, US, especially NEW YORK STAND TF UP. Where we meeting? I'm in your city ho.”

The tour, which runs through September will see Waffles play in cities like Toronto, Seattle, Boston, Miami and Washington.

She’ll also be headlining her first curated international show in Brooklyn, New York on September 22.

On Tuesday, Waffles launched a new campaign with KFC around her new burger, which is now available in selected stores. “The exclusive shopping experience is hitting the streets like never before.😎” she tweeted.

“Scope the map, scan the landmarks and get the exclusive Uncle Waffles Burger🧇😘. now in selected stores, online, or through culture!📍🤩 #WafflesAtKFC #KFCStreetsHack @KFCSA”