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Sunday, December 10, 2023

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Model asked to cover up bikini body to spare new mom with postpartum depression

Model at pool party told to cover up. Picture: Pexels/KoolShooters

Model at pool party told to cover up. Picture: Pexels/KoolShooters

Published Apr 20, 2023


Pregnancy changes a woman’s body and many women struggle to accept that.

New mom Christina, who was suffering from both postpartum depression and body dysmorphia, found herself having a hard time coping with this when she attended a pool party.

This was made even more difficult because of one particular guest who attended the pool party as well.

That particular guest happened to be a model with a great body.

While one might think it would be the new mom who would take to Reddit to complain about the situation she found herself in, it was in fact the model’s boyfriend who went onto the app to share what happened at the party.

The boyfriend, who happens to be a friend of mom Christina, attended the pool party with his model girlfriend Alex.

“Everyone at the party is wearing some form of swimming gear, all of the guys are wearing trunks and tank tops or Hawaiian shirts, and the women are wearing bikinis or swimsuits. Alex stole the show however; she didn’t wear anything too revealing or inappropriate, but it did turn heads,” shared the 30-year-old man.

“Alex was swimming, and I was talking with some of my other friends when another friend of mine, Jane, pulled me to the side. She asked if Alex could cover up a little bit, Christine was getting upset by her appearance. I asked how, and apparently, Christine’s PPD (postpartum depression) has manifested itself into a bad case of body dysmorphia. She said Alex is making her jealous and triggering her dysmorphia.”

While the man was confused about the request, he still went and spoke to his girlfriend about it.

“I talked to Alex and she said that while she understood she didn’t understand why she had to cover up for the sake of someone else’s feelings. Needless to say, she didn’t do it.”

The user adds that the mom left the party early.

“Jane came up to me and said Christine left because she couldn’t stop crying. She also said me and Alex are a**holes for not being accommodating to Christine’s feelings.”

“Now while I understand PPD is a sensitive issue and that Christine is dealing with a lot, I don’t understand how we’re a**holes here.”

He reached out to Reddit users to find out if they were the a**holes.

Many users voted them “NTA”, meaning “not the a**hole”.

“NTA. PPD sucks. And I have severe BD. But I will never expect someone cover up for my feelings. Christine needs therapy,” commented one woman.

“NTA. You asked Alex and she elected not to cover up. Furthermore, if this were an issue where someone was uncomfortable because they found the appearance of someone else's body very unappealing, then asking them to cover up would be out of the question. Someone shouldn't have to cover up because they look too good,” said another.

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