WATCH: Little girl freaks out after mom refuses to buy cosmetics worth R17,000 at Sephora

Tween girl expects her mother to buy expensive products. Picture: Freepik

Tween girl expects her mother to buy expensive products. Picture: Freepik

Published Jan 20, 2024


If you’re into beauty TikTok then you’ve probably come across videos of the staff at Sephora (a skincare and make-up store) complaining about how young girls, between the ages of nine and 12, come into the store and either ruin the testers or buy ridiculous amounts of pricey products.

This Sephora employee took to TikTok to share her experience with a little girl.

The incident happened when she rang up the young girl’s basket of pricey skincare products and fragrances.

Natalia Herrera (@natsodrizzy) started by telling viewers that the 10-year-old girls at Sephora are crazy, but what's crazier is the fact their parents are not “parenting”.

In the video, which has gone viral with over 34 million views, she explained that the store was busy and the lines were long when the little girl got to her till with a basket that was overflowing with products.

But before she could start scanning the items, the child told her that she had two perfumes on hold and she wanted to add them to her basket.

The girl asked that she first scan the perfumes so that she could see how much they cost.

Even though the two perfumes alone came to $300, the girl told Herrera to scan the rest of the products.

After scanning all the products, the total came to almost $900 (about R17,000).

When she told the girl the total, she gave her a nervous look and then looked to her left at her mother and sister standing at another till.

She then called her sister over.

The sister then revealed that her order amounted to $500.

“Her sister says, ‘Well, do you have enough?’ and she then goes, ‘No, but I'm probably just going to use Mom's money.’”

Wanting to move things along because the line was long, Herrera was left wondering what was meant to happen.

After asking the little girl if she was going to pay cash or card, the girl called her mom over.

When she told the mom what the total was, she freaked out.

Even though the mom was furious, it didn’t stop the girl from wanting all the products.

The mother and daughter went back and forth when the mom told the little girl to take something out of her basket, to which “the little girl lost her mind.”

After the two continued to argue, the girl backed down and took an item out of her basket, telling her mom, “That's all I’m taking out.”

Herrera couldn't believe that the mom could tolerate such disrespect.

“Because this is the problem. The problem is the parents because why aren't you sitting there holding your ground?” she added.

“Long story short, after minutes and minutes of arguing, the little girl ended up spending $500 at Sephora instead of almost $900 and the mom was okay with that,” she said.

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Herrera added that while people were trying to figure out how to avoid young girls spending time and money in the store, she said that there’s no way it’s going to happen without the action of the parents.

“The moral of the story is we can make all the story times in the world about how these little girls behave, but nothing is going to change until the parents change,” she concluded.

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