WATCH: ‘This is a crime’ - woman uses R10 note to create unusual nail design leaving Mzansi wondering why

Woman uses R10 note for nail design. Picture: TikTok

Woman uses R10 note for nail design. Picture: TikTok

Published Sep 6, 2023


While most of us are trying to make every rand and cent count, this woman is practically throwing her money away.

Ladies can get very creative with their fancy manicures.

I’ve seen everything from cute water droplets to over-the-top jewels, but when I came across this TikTok video posted by Nails by Evah (evahjuliet), I was gobsmacked.

This nail technician uses her profile to showcase the work she’s done for her client and clearly, this client has extravagant taste.

Using cut-out pieces of an R10 note, she created an unusual design for her client.

The video captioned: “She got money bags, she literally blew her money” has been viewed almost 600k times.

It shows the R10 note with bits cut out of it and then close-ups of the nails where we can see the pieces of the money glued onto the tips of the nails.

Only a few nails have pieces of the note on them while others have patterns in the same shade of green.

@evahjuliet She got money bags, she literally blew her money 😜![CDATA[]]>😜#nailaddict #nailsbyevah #obsessed ♬ You the Boss - Rick Ross

While I’m sure the person who had the nails done is happy with the design, TikTokers are unimpressed by it and consider it a waste of money.

“This is a crime,” said one viewer while another commented: “Me who doesn’t know the law… why’s this illegal?”

Another commented on what a waste of money it is by saying: “The amount of things I could’ve bought at the tuck shop.”

“I’d use monopoly money,” said one other.

One person wondered why she didn’t go for other notes saying: “I get the idea neh, but R10?? R200 or R100 at least.


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