WATCH: TikToker finds luxury beauty products in the trash

Luxury finds from Macy’s dumpsters. Picture: TikTok

Luxury finds from Macy’s dumpsters. Picture: TikTok

Published Jan 25, 2023


Who would have thought that one could possibly find expensive beauty and make-up products in the trash?

As much as I love make-up, I certainly wouldn’t rummage through any trash in search of any.

However, this TikToker is and she’s scoring big time.

TikTok user Ella, who calls herself a Glamour Dumpster Diver, often shares videos with her 980k followers showing her dumpster finds that she scored from trash cans outside department stores.

In a recent video, she went trash diving at Macy’s department store and showed off her findings, which included unopened luxury cosmetics from brands like Estée Lauder, MAC, Tom Ford and Lancome.

In the video that has gone viral with over 2 million views she says, “I’m dumpster diving at Macy’s and I found this bag full of Dior boxes and Coach boxes.

“It looks like there’s actually some good stuff in here. I am so excited to go through this bag.”

She scored a rainbow palette of eyeshadow, perfume, skincare products, Tom Ford lip blush, lipgloss, eyeliner and YSL fragrance.

@glamourddive First time dumpster diving at Macy’s #dumpster #dumpsterdiving #free #fyp #glamourddive ♬ Here With Me - d4vd

Of course, viewers were shocked by all the treasures she managed to find in the trash.

According to some viewer stores like Macy’s throw out returned or unused products.

“I literally work at Macy and get so upset having to throw away barely used products” comments one viewer while another commented, “They toss all returns. Used or not.”

Another TikToker pointed out: “Most of these are used products or testers! very rarely Macy’s will destroy resealable product, so many of these can’t be resold.”

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