WATCH: TikToker's prison make-up hack leaves viewers shocked

Taylor shows how to make foundation. Picture: TikTok

Taylor shows how to make foundation. Picture: TikTok

Published Jun 27, 2023


We all love cost-cutting beauty hacks, but sometimes they can be just a little too out there.

When TikTok user Taylorbnice took to the popular short video app to share her beauty hack, people were left shocked.

The TikToker who says she’s spent 17 years in prison went onto the app to share how to make prison make-up using only three ingredients.

“I did 17 years in prison and I’m going to show ya’ll how to make some prison make-up” said Taylor at the start of her video.

She then goes on to share the ingredients to create a full-coverage foundation.

She starts off with a little bit of flour in a small bowl. She does however say that you could substitute the flour with cake mix or powdered sugar, as long as it’s white.

She then adds that you’ll need some Pepsi and cocoa powder.

She continues to add a cap full of Pepsi to the flour, saying that you should start with a little bit of the fluid, because if you put but too much at the beginning, you will mess it up.

She then adds the cocoa powder.

“Depending on how dark a girl is, that’s how much you put in it,” said Taylor.

Using a plastic fork, she then starts to mix the ingredients, adding a few drops of Pepsi as she goes along to create a smooth consistency.

“If it’s too dark, you just add more flour or powder sugar,” she advised.

The final product is a smooth liquidy foundation colour substance.

She added that they use the “foundation” in prison to cover up black eyes or hickies on the neck.

In prison, if you didn’t have a make-up brush, they would use tampons to apply it.

At first, she applies the mixture to her arm and then she goes on to apply it onto her face with a small make-up brush.

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It’s the end result that’s left people amazed.

With over 5 million views and 730K likes, the video has gone viral with many people commenting on how incredible the coverage is.

“And it has the nerve to be full coverage,” commented one viewer.

While another remarked, “It’s the coverage & shade match for me.”

“That’s some fire coverage,” said another shocked person.