WATCH: Woman gets bad infection on her leg after backstreet tattoo

Infected leg. Picture: Screenshot from a TikTok video.

Infected leg. Picture: Screenshot from a TikTok video.

Published Mar 13, 2023


You can’t compromise on things like getting a backstreet tattoo and hoping for better results, you will be disappointed.

A TikTok lady named Itumeleng got a tattoo on her leg and now regrets it. Instead of healing like a regular tattoo, her leg became swollen.

After her followers advised her to go to the doctor, she did and was later admitted to the hospital.


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Judging from the videos she posted, it looks like she got an infection of some sort. But even after she got the tattoo, it looked suspicious.

I’m not a tattoo guru, but I do have a few, and what I know is that the needles need to be new and sterilised, they need to disinfect the area where you’re getting a tattoo, and you must make sure it doesn’t get in contact with water until it heals.

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People in the comment section have been asking her to name the tattoo artist so that others don’t fall into the same trap.

“Please warn people. Where was it done? How much was it? And now that you’re admitted what’s the diagnosis?” said Tshepiso Moloi.

Others are saying she could be allergic to ink but will get better after getting antibiotics, and we hope she does.

“Infection, go to the doctor for meds, they will help. I have experienced that once. It’s because I went by a neighbour that charged cheap,” said Queen B.