For the love of black: How to get the romantic goth chic look

The romantic goth look is the hottest trend this season. Picture: Instagram/Adeam

The romantic goth look is the hottest trend this season. Picture: Instagram/Adeam

Published Mar 10, 2023


If you haven’t watched the popular Netflix series, Wednesday, yet then as a fashionista you’re missing out on costume designs that will leave you wanting to change your entire wardrobe.

However, for those who have, it will be no surprise that one of this year’s biggest fashion trends is the dark, romantic gothic chic look.

Jenna Ortega who plays the role of emotionally detached yet witty Wednesday Addams in the series effortlessly pulls off this look by wearing all black in every scene.

But the most memorable outfit is Wednesday’s lace and chiffon dress by Alaïa she wears to the school dance.

For those who already love wearing black, all the time, this trend is perfect.

Here’s how to get the look.

All black with a romantic twist

While you might think that this trend is all about wearing black on black on black, it’s as much about how you combine textures. Think leather mixed with lace or tulle worn with satin.

A patent leather pants worn with a cotton knit T-shirt with lace details and chunky boots is a simple look to pull off during the day. Another combination that can work for a daytime look is wearing a romantic lacy skirt and a simple top worn with a leather biker jacket.

Black lace-up boots and chunky loafers are must-haves for day and black patent leather heels will pair well with any evening look.


When it comes to accessories don’t be afraid to throw in a bit of bling. Try crystal necklaces, rings or bracelets. A velvet choker, lace gloves and a string of pearls will add to the romantic feel.


Of course, you cannot get this look without the perfect black smoky eye. A heavy full-on black eyeshadow might be too much for the day, so keep it subtle with a dark grey shadow instead.

Otherwise, you could simply opt for eyeliner worn all around the eye. If you have a steady hand get creative with black graphic eyeliner looks.

If black lipstick is too out-there for you then pop on a dark plum or burgundy instead.

While black nail polish is optional, it’s always a winner.