LOOK: Balenciaga’s R16,800 ‘towel skirt’ is giving fashionistas chest pains

Published Nov 16, 2023


Every time we think Balenciaga has taken fashion too far, they do it again.

And every time they showcase one of their bizarre designs, people are left dumbfounded.

Their latest design is no different.

As part of the brand’s Spring 2024 collection, Balenciaga has released a ‘towel skirt’ which retails for a whopping $925 (R16,800).

The garment looks exactly like a towel that’s been wrapped around one's waist when you step out of the shower.

Balenciaga ‘towel skirt’. Picture: Balenciaga website

According to the website the $925 towel skirt is held up by two buttons inside the waistline and an adjustable belt with a buckle inside with the designer logo embroidered tone-on-tone at the front. It's made in Italy and has to be dry cleaned.

The model on the Balenciaga website is wearing the grey towel skirt over a pair of grey cargo pants and a black tight zip-up hoodie.

X users were up in arms about their latest design, with one user saying: “I'll say it again... Balenciaga is conducting an experiment. It's a behavioural science study. You can't convince me otherwise.”

Another responding to a X post by @MDNnewss, said: “You do know that ko Pep store a towel cost less than R50, right?”

“This is going to be a terrible trend in South Africa 😭😭😭 Remember when Gowns became trendy because of Rihanna?” commented another.

A few years ago the brand sold a pair of ‘destroyed’ sneakers that looked like they had been used and trampled through the mud for $1,850.

Then there was the $1,800 ‘trash pouch’ handbag that looked pretty much like a black trash bag.