LOOK: Ciara’s bare bum Oscar’s dress causes a stir on social media

Ciara. Picture: Instagram/@ciara.

Ciara. Picture: Instagram/@ciara.

Published Mar 15, 2023


I’ve seen several tweets about women hating one another, it's starting to become as clear as day that they actually do.

As much as we live in a world with misogynist men, some women are no different. They have an internal misogyny that makes them look like pick me's, and guess what? They still don't get picked.

American singer Ciara attended the Oscar’s Vanity Fair Party with her footballer husband Russell Wilson, and the comments about her dress were disgusting.

She wore a sheer gown by Dundas and a black thong underneath, exposing her bums.

I thought women could wear whatever comfortable for them. But clearly, I was wrong because that’s not what most Twitter users said. It was disappointing to see more women than men shaming the singer for he outfit.

Even @Indigowilde shared the same disappointment, saying: “I expected these replies from men who secretly have a deep disdain for women, but the amount of women here is astounding.”

Others even claimed she’s not a woman of God simply because of a dress she wore to a party.

“We are supposed to walk the walk. This attire is not reflective of a woman of God. It’s the age-old party on Friday, praise on Sunday schtick,” commented @jchn316.

It is funny because it’s not like she wore that outfit in church, she was at a party, for heaven’s sake! Do you know what else is funny? Christians are judgemental, yet they read the Bible that says, “Thou shall not judge,” how ironic.

Even on Instagram, she was met with the same nasty comments from women.

One of her followers @milky868 gave them a piece of her mind saying: “Y’all ‘women’ are truly showing yourselves in the comments!!! Just because you’re only following Ciara because she’s married to Russell and your expectations of who you imagined in your box of perfection of her to be aren’t met, is NOT Ciara’s fault, headache or business.

“Y’all set yourselves up to be disappointed by expecting someone to live their lives via your own moral compass!. Ciara and her husband knows who she is, and she will not change or shrink to fit in your box! Know this and know peace. She works hard for this body and can show it off too 🔥!. Being a mom is blessing not the curse y’all want it to be for her! Mr Wilson on the other hand loves it there and isn’t afraid to show her off and support her!”

For the incels,misogynists & weaklings, don’t pop a blood vessel hating on another man and what he’s got going on in his home, that’ll be tragic!

Also, if women are not "allowed" to dress like that, why didn't Rihanna get the same backlash when she wore a sheer Swarovski Crystal dress at CFDA Awards in 2014? She had her bums and nipples out, but the same people ridiculing Ciara praised her, it’s screaming selective criticism.

Oh wait. They argue that Rihanna was not married, nor did she have kids, which makes things worse because what does marriage and children have to do with anything? So just because a woman is married with children, that gives people the right to police their dress code? What a society.

Okay, let’s say married women with children are not supposed to show their bums, how come Beyoncé was praised for her 2021 cowboy Ivy Park collection, which exposed her bum? Everyone was talking about how inspiring she was with that outfit. Yet she is married with three kids.

So the problem is not about what a woman wears, it’s about who wears it. And honestly, Ciara has been the target of most Twitter birds.

They seem to criticise everything she does. I remember when she posted her family picture, some people made nasty comments about her husband raising the son she has with Future as one of his own.

Isn’t what blended families do? It’s like they are so mad that even after having a child out of wedlock, she still found a man who loved her and her child.

It's evident that after Future, they wanted to see her suffer. Instead, the opposite happened, which that’s why they continue to hate from outside the club.