Parents across Mzansi can breathe a sigh of relief as Sho Madjozi finally launches her hair range

Sho Madjozi. Picture: Courtney Africa / Independent Newspapers

Sho Madjozi. Picture: Courtney Africa / Independent Newspapers

Published Nov 24, 2023


When Sho Madjozi recently showed off her new sparkling braids, parents were up in arms about it.

Most wondered where they are meant to get the fibre hair, knowing that their little girls will want the hairstyle over the upcoming holiday.

Well, parents no longer need to worry about it as the performer has announced in an official statement that she has launched her own hair range and will be selling the sparkling braids.

— It’s Sho time (@ShoMadjozi) November 21, 2023

“As many of you know, there has been tension between me and parents for quite a few years now. So in the interest of coming to some sort of peace, I am launching my hair line starting with #SparkleBraids for December,” she announced on X.

“The #sparklebraids are inspired by my book ‘Shoma and the stars’ about a little girl (Shoma) who is colourful and different, just like many of your little stars,” she continued.

Along with two clips of moms asking her about the sparkling braids, she then jokingly added: “Parents, please have your spokespeople get back to me within 24 hours to let me know if these terms are favourable.

— It’s Sho time (@ShoMadjozi) November 23, 2023

She did, however, add that pre-orders will open on November 25 when she announces the website.

In another post, she thanked her followers for their support, saying: “On a serious note, thank you for supporting and pushing me. It’s wonderful to see the extent you will go to make your little ones happy. Personally, I love them and they make my life brighter.”

Moms were overjoyed by the announcement and many praised Madjozi for the great marketing strategy.

— Steph🇨🇩🇵🇸_ virtual assistant (@StephanieLopepe) November 24, 2023

@sibumabena wrote on X: “What an incredible marketing roll out. I smiled throughout this thread and I now want to buy hairpiece for the daughter I don’t have that hasn’t even asked for this hairstyle yet. Who can I speak to about having a 5 year old baby girl by December?”

”Great move!! Her brand already resonates with kids similar to Disney. We believe there's still opportunity for Sho Madjozi's brand to expand into other merchandise such as toys, stationery, backpacks, clothing and dolls,” wrote @CapOnePartners.