KZN’s only independent candidate running for elections says he is pro-Indian and Phoenix is the rainbow nation personified

KZN's only independent candidate Sagren Moodley (middle). Picture: Jolene Marriah/IOL

KZN's only independent candidate Sagren Moodley (middle). Picture: Jolene Marriah/IOL

Published Apr 24, 2024


Political parties in KwaZulu-Natal have opened up about their hopes and plans for the province at the IOL Elections panel discussion held at the Radisson Blu in uMhlanga on Wednesday.

IOL hosted the panel discussion ahead of the national elections on May 29.

KZN’s only independent candidate running for a seat in Parliament, was Sagren Moodley, who told the audience he was a comedian and would have shared a joke but the African National Congress’ (ANC) representative Mafika Mndebele had already shared one in his opening statement.

Moodley said he is representing the Indian community, which he claimed was discriminated against and marginalised.

He said one of the things acting as a discriminator of Indian people is the Black Economic Empowerment (BEE).

“Indian people are at the back of the employment queues and at work. They are less likely to be offered promotions.”

He said that in high schools, Indian pupils have to score the highest points among their peers to even be considered for university placement.

The Indian community has a long and rich history in the country but that this has been forgotten, according to Moodley.

Speaking on racism, he said the narrative that Indian people were racist is tearing the province and country apart.

“Phoenix is the rainbow nation personified,” he said with a rapturous response from the audience.

One audience member was not impressed with Moodley’s race-based politicking, saying he was discriminating and that there was no place for such in South Africa.

In response, Moodley fired back, saying being pro-Indian did not mean he was anti-black. He said he also emphasised that social cohesion was important, speaking to Indian and black people living and working together in harmony in some industrial areas around Durban.

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