‘Under ActionSA, jail will be jail, not a holiday resort’, Mashaba promises during party manifesto

ActionSA leader Herman Mashaba. Picture: Kamogelo Moichela / IOL

ActionSA leader Herman Mashaba. Picture: Kamogelo Moichela / IOL

Published Mar 23, 2024


Johannesburg - “Under government ActionSA, a life in prison will mean a life in prison,” according to ActionSA leader Herman Mashaba who said prisoners will participate in prisoner work programmes focusing on public works such as agriculture and maintenance.

He said they were tired of serious crimes like rape, murder, and drug dealing in the country and how the offenders were treated in prison.

According to Mashaba, prisoners were on holiday and not necessarily facing music for the consequences of their actions.

“Prison will no longer be a holiday resort, but a place where prisoners repay their debt to society,” he said.
This is despite the prison being a rehabilitation centre for inmates who have been convicted of their crimes.

He delivered the ActionSA Manifesto at the Ellis Park Arena in Johannesburg on Saturday. Even “Noma Rally” a young lady who has secured the spotlight for attending political rallies back to back was present.

To curb crime, the ActionSA government will professionalise the police, and re-establish its independence, by hiring career policemen over politicians to lead the service.

“We will launch a recruitment drive to expand the police force and implement strict physical condition requirements for entering the police service.

“We will re-establish specialise policing units in murder, rape, drugs, and financial crimes, which the ruling party disbanded to protect themselves and their cadres,” he said.

He mentioned that they would cut the government’s R3.7 billion budget for VIP protection, and instead reallocate these funds towards crime prevention and visible policing.

“There is no need for extravagant blue-light convoys when our communities feel unsafe,” he said.

Furthermore, he said they will reform the penal code to ensure that bail is abolished for repeat offenders of serious crimes, such as rape, drug syndicates, and murder while reviewing minimum sentencing guidelines.

Mashaba promised to capacitate the NPA, and establish specialised courts, to deal with specific crime categories, such as organised crime and corruption, to increase the efficiency of convictions, and to improve accountability.

He further that vowed ActionSA will prioritise the fight against substance abuse, and drug trafficking.

He said drugs were affecting the country and it was time they stopped it.

“ActionSA will make fighting drug abuse a key focus of our government,” he said.

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