Zanu-PF’s ‘sham’ Zimbabwe election win typifies ANC’s failed ‘silent diplomacy’ posture, says Herman Mashaba

ActionSA president Herman Mashaba slams ANC for supporting Zanu-PF elections. Picture: Nokuthula Mbatha/African News Agency (ANA)

ActionSA president Herman Mashaba slams ANC for supporting Zanu-PF elections. Picture: Nokuthula Mbatha/African News Agency (ANA)

Published Aug 29, 2023


ActionSA Leader Herman Mashaba has accused the ANC of allegedly supporting the “murderous regime” of being silent and failing to provide adequate support to the people of Zimbabwe in their efforts to restore democracy and stability.

This comes after the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front (Zanu-PF) and Zimbabwe's President, Emmerson Mnangagwa, were re-elected to a second term in office last week.

"There is no way the Zimbabwean elections can be declared free and fair, as confirmed by observers from the State of the Southern African Development Community (SADC), with widespread reports of voter intimidation and cancellation of opposition rallies," Mashaba said.

According to the electoral commission, Mnangagwa won the election with 52.6 percent of the vote, beating the opposition Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa who got 44 percent of the votes.

Mashaba said the president’s second term exemplified how the ANC’s “silent diplomacy” had been an abysmal failure and instead increased the humanitarian burden on South Africa.

He alleged the ruling party had repeatedly allowed the Zanu-PF to abuse the Zimbabwean people, leading to thousands of Zimbabweans crossing over into our borders to seek jobs, healthcare and shelter in South Africa.

"The ruling party has chosen to support the murderous regime and has even previously provided millions of dollars in bailouts to the nation," he said.

Mashaba reaffirmed that South Africa’s foreign policy should remain unchanged, favour human rights and encourage nations to become self-sustaining for that nation to provide needs for its citizens.

He assured the public that their foreign policy proposals will be approved at the party’s inaugural policy conference from September 12 to 14.

He maintained that his party would not allow a situation that created humanitarian disasters, adding that the ANC favoured "murderous regimes" instead of demanding accountability for human rights abuses.

He said that, “ActionSA will continue to monitor developments in Zimbabwe and lobby the South African government to take the necessary action to restore fundamental human rights in our neighbouring nation.”

"The people of South Africa and Zimbabwe deserve better,” Mashaba said.

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