King Zwelithini’s son against King Misuzulu hosting Shembe church ceremony at eNyokeni palace before reconciliation

King Misuzulu’s prayer at eNyokeni is being opposed by some royal family members. Picture: Doctor Ngcobo/African News Agency (ANA)

King Misuzulu’s prayer at eNyokeni is being opposed by some royal family members. Picture: Doctor Ngcobo/African News Agency (ANA)

Published Nov 24, 2022


Durban - Two days before thousands of members of the Shembe church descend on eNyokeni Palace in Nongoma for the 9th royal sabbath and umgidi ceremony, Prince Sihlangu Zulu has written a private letter to King Misuzulu saying he was opposed to that.

He claimed that there was no reconciliation after armed police raided the historic palace and allegedly harassed Princess Nqobangothando, and Queen MaMchiza and kicked Prince Simakade “out of his home”.

Prince Sihlangu who is one of the late king’s sons born out of wedlock, but was adopted by the Queen of Lindizwe palace in Nongoma, added that without any reconciliation, the prayer would be proceeding against their will.

In his long letter which was seen by IOL, Prince Sihlangu recalled previous violent episodes at eNyokeni palace, including the 1996 event where the palace was overrun by an impi which was against King Goodwill Zwelithini meeting with late former President Nelson Mandela.

“This incident (SAPS raid), you must be made aware Your Highness, brought much pain and bewilderment to this family.

“‘That, as you are aware, owing to a lifetime in this family, also brought joy to some quarters Mageba.

“Some find it amusing that the doors to your father’s house, in which we walk with reverence on our knees, was kicked down by Bheki Celes (sic) men, others smile when they are told that Queen MaMchize (sic) was woken with the guns of Bheki Celes men (police) in her face, who demanded that she declare guns that guard the Royal family.

“Others are entertained to learn that your sister, Princess Nqobangothando, was violently woken up by gun-wielding masked men.

“The scenes I am describing your highness do not inspire confidence, nor do they require interpretation; they speak for themselves as to where they sit in the heart,” he wrote.

He said in the wake of this incident, King Misuzulu should have first led a process of reconciliation instead of behaving as if everything is okay.

“Now at this time, as someone who has deep love for this family and nation I thought that next on the list, after Moses Mabhida (coronation) would at least be an attempt at unifying this family and establishing a process of reconciliation and overdue discussions but alas!

“I am greeted by the poster which announces that the Nazareth Church of Shembe will be congregating at Enyokeni Royal Palace, which in all due respect indicates no direction toward rectifying the wrongs in this house, the house of King Zwelithini but is rather perpetuating sentiments of indignation as they arise on the foundation which is the series of happenings I have described above...

“This is the reason I decided to write you Your Highness; as your brother, I will always love you, no matter what God decides you must be in this world, be it a dependant, a king or a pauper, on you I will always confer my inextinguishable brotherly love because that is what I have always done and it is what I will always do, it brings me indescribable joy to do so.

“I will also always do you the honour of telling you the bare truth with an aim to assist and protect you, this family and the legacy of the Zulu people at all costs.

“This is why it pains me to observe the unprecedented situation in the royal court, our father cannot be happy where he is, nor can the long line of our distinguished forefathers,” Prince Sihlangu wrote to the king.

Prince Thami said Prince Sihlangu did recently ask him for an email address to send a letter to. However, as the king's office, they haven't had time to look at it and know what exactly he was saying to King Misuzulu KaZwelithini.

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