Moses Tembe shares his regret and anguish in book on Anele and AKA’s ‘toxic’ relationship

AKA with his late fiancée, Anele Nellie Tembe. Picture: Instagram

AKA with his late fiancée, Anele Nellie Tembe. Picture: Instagram

Published Apr 15, 2024


Moses Tembe regrets not intervening more in his daughter Anele and Kiernan 'AKA' Forbes's "toxic" relationship.

The Durban businessman, who on the eve of his daughter’s funeral received a preliminary police report leading him to believe that there was a 99% chance that Anele didn’t kill herself, said he should have done more.

These and other startling revelations have been shared in a book titled ‘When Love Kills’ is set to be released this week, authored by Melinda Ferguson.

Moses Tembe and his daughter, Anele.

IOL previously reported that Ferguson spoke intensively to both sides of the families and received permission.

In the book, set to be released on Wednesday, Ferguson delves into the couple's tumultuous relationship, including details of Anele's death in April 2021, when the 22-year-old reportedly fell from the 10th storey at the Pepperclub hotel in Cape Town.

Police and forensic teams at the site where Anele Tembe landed after reportedly falling from the Pepperclub in Cape Town. Picture :Phando Jikelo / Independent Newspapers

Anele and AKA, who was gunned down in Durban in February last year, had been traditionally married after AKA paid lobola for Anele in March 2021, a month before she died.

In the book, Tembe said Anele ended the relationship with the multi-award winning rapper and even threw her engagement ring at him.

He said there were times that Anele told him he (AKA) was hurting her and he regrets not intervening more in their relationship.

As reported in the book, in an excerpt published on Monday by News24, Tembe said the couple had a violent physical altercation on the night she died.

He said AKA's back was full of scratches, while Anele's nails were broken. As per News24, Anele's blood was on the floor as were spatters of her blood on AKA's socks.

The book further details an account from an eyewitness who said he heard screaming coming from the couple's room on the night of her death.

Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes at Anele Tembe’s furneral. Picture: Nqobile Mbonambi / Independent Newspapers

Rob Stefanutto said he heard a woman screaming to be left alone and seconds later, heard a loud thud.

Stefanutto further states that he rushed downstairs and contacted paramedics, while AKA, instead of rushing to his fiance's aid, ordered a bottle of alcohol.

These allegations formed part of a scathing letter which the Tembe family, through its lawyer, sent to the National Prosecuting Authority after the entity had indicated that it wouldn’t be prosecuting AKA for Anele’s death and would instead hold an inquest.

Meanwhile, the inquest into Anele’s death has been postponed - yet again.