TEARS Animal Rescue closes its kennel, urges pet adoption

TEARS animal rescue society in Kommetjie. File Picture: Independent Newspapers

TEARS animal rescue society in Kommetjie. File Picture: Independent Newspapers

Published Dec 13, 2023


The TEARS Animal Rescue has announced it will be temporarily closing its Kennel as it is currently over capacity.

The organisation said it currently has 88 animals over capacity with 338 animals in its care, including those in foster care.

The shelter confirmed no new adult dogs or puppies will be admitted to TEARS until adoption numbers increase.

“Our foster network is stretched thin and our veterinary clinic and stray runs are at capacity with adult dogs needing care or are awaiting admission into the Kennel. TEARS Kennel adoptions are down by nearly 40% based on last year’s averages and we’ve simultaneously seen a massive spike in the number of animals, especially dogs, being surrendered because pet owners aren’t able to feed their pets,” TEARS operations manager, Mandy Store said.

The organisation urges the public to support the “adopt don’t shop” movement and highlights the need for more Capetonians to consider opening their homes to homeless pets this season.

It will be hosting an Open Day at its Cattery and Kennels this weekend from 10am until 2pm on Saturday and Sunday.

“The temporary closure on admissions will enable us to provide the vital treatment, rehabilitation, and care that every rescued pet deserves, while we focus on increasing adoptions and fostering to help save more lives.

“We hope our Forever Home For The Holidays Open Day will highlight that rescues are the best breed and encourage families or individuals to adopt a rescue pet, which in turn will provide a vital second chance to another homeless pet in need,” TEARS kennel manager, Luke Kruyt said.

Those preferring a virtual adoption window can check for matches via the TEARS website.

Lara van Rensburg, TEARS head of Marketing and Fundraising emphasises how the public could make a positive impact on the current crisis by fostering and/or adopting a rescue animal.

“The increasing imbalance between pet adoptions to pet homelessness is a tragic trend being experienced by all local animal shelters, as more and more pet owners struggle to care for their pets, and coupled with that, there are less pet-friendly rentals available for animal lovers.

“In addition to needing more people to open their homes to rescue pets, we urgently need to ensure that Cape Town identifies as a pet-friendly city and that local businesses are also invested in addressing the causes of pet homelessness and community health by donating to companion animal sterilisation and vaccination programmes,” Van Rensburg said.

Those interested in donating can do so via the organisation’s bank account:

Acc Name: TEARS

Bank: Standard Bank

Current Bank Account: 072062886 / Branch No: 051001

Donations to TEARS are tax deductible, with donors receiving a Section 18A tax receipt.

TEARS can also be reached at 021 785 4482.

[email protected]