WATCH: ‘Drunk’ Law Enforcement officer filmed, civilian allegedly takes joy ride in state vehicle

Published Dec 6, 2023


A City of Cape Town Law Enforcement officer is in hot water after he has gone viral for allegedly being ‘drunk on the job’.

In three videos, which have since gone viral, the officer seems to be under the influence and behind the wheel of a State vehicle in uniform.

In a video, the Mitchells Plain officer, allegedly attached to the Beacon Valley Law Enforcement base, is filmed sleeping behind the wheel at a petrol station in Westridge.

The video is being filmed and a man can be heard saying the vehicle had been idling for an hour.

The officer can be seen sleeping.

In a second video, the now awake uniformed officer is questioned by two men who claim he is idling out their tax money.

One of the men is heard saying: “You’re drunk and you’re sitting in the car idling”, while the other man asks: “are you on duty?”

It's inaudible what the officer’s response is, however, the man repeats the officers words: “yes? And this car is idling for an hour here? I have your registration, you idling my tax money out here”.

The clearly angry men tells the officer he will be losing his job.

In the video, the officer also identifies himself as Kyle Davids.

In the last video, one of the men can be seen in the VW Polo State vehicle driving the officer.

The officer, who seems to be in good spirits, is seated in the passenger seat enjoying an ice cream.

As the pair are driving, the man filming the video is playing with the lights and sirens. The officer laughs as he continues to enjoy his ice cream.

The spokesperson for Law Enforcement, Wayne Dyason said the incident is currently under investigation.

“It would be premature to divulge information that could compromise the investigation, until such time as it is completed,” Dyason said.

“The staff member in question has been placed on administrative duty. Should the investigation determine that further action is required, this will be done in terms of City policies and processes.”

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