World Vegan Day: Buy these plant-based protein options and save money on groceries

Come back from your grocery shopping with a bit more in you pocket by buying vegan protein. Picture: Pexels

Come back from your grocery shopping with a bit more in you pocket by buying vegan protein. Picture: Pexels

Published Nov 1, 2023


Today marks World Vegan Day which celebrates all the bounty that nature has to give us and also inform people of the advantages of a plant-based diet.

Vegans highlight the positive effects of veganism for animals, people, and the environment by organising markets, holding social gatherings, and planting memorial trees.

However, you do not have to be vegan to integrate more vegan foods into your diet and you can find yourself saving money.

Protein substitutes

Most people’s reservations when thinking of a vegan diet is its seeming lack of protein.

However, this is far from the truth.

With food prices at an all time high, especially eggs and meat, some protein-packed vegan products can come to the rescue.

These are relatively low-cost and can be:

Beans - You can add to various dishes.

Lentils - Tasty and great for curries and soups.

Chickpeas - If you bought them canned, which is cheaper, you can add them to salads, make a hummus paste that would go great with sandwiches and more.

Peanut butter - Beloved for generations in sandwiches, but, you can add a little twist and put them into smoothies for that extra protein kick or eat it with fruit such as apples and bananas.

Chia seeds - Small, but jam-packed with protein and other nutrients. You can put them into your water bottle and leave for an hour. This leads to the release of new nutrients.

You can also make them into chia pudding or add them to your cereal.

Almonds - You can munch on them or add to your cereal for the extra protein.

Sunflower seeds - They add great flavour to salads and cereal.

Oats - A South African favourite, this humble grain can provide protein, while also serving as a healthier alternative to sugary cereal.

Brown rice - A bit pricier than conventional rice, but, this substitution can make you feel full faster, due to the fibre and protein.