Six reasons to include Zambia on your travel diary

Victoria Falls in Zambia. Picture: Supplied.

Victoria Falls in Zambia. Picture: Supplied.

Published Jan 24, 2023


Africa is one of the most beautiful continents in the world. What makes it unique is the nature surrounding it. If you’re planning on exploring Africa this year, make sure Zambia is on your list and here’s why.

Insta-worthy landscapes and views

Most travellers like to take beautiful pictures during their holidays. Zambia boasts beautiful mountains and sweeping valleys, providing breathtaking backdrops for “wish you were here” photos.

The country has three natural lakes, Bangweulu, Mweru, and Lake Tanganyika – with the latter known as one of the deepest natural lakes in the world. So if you love being in water, then you’ll definitely enjoy it.


For those who have the adrenaline rush for an adventure, a gorge swing at Victoria Falls, a hike through ancient forests, or river boarding is some of the activities you can do.

Unwind while listening to the beautiful sounds of nature.

The sound of water is so calming. Watching Victoria Falls while listening to the water will get you in your feels.

Immerse yourself in local culture

It’s a traditional rule for travellers to learn about the culture of the country they are visiting. It makes you understand the people better. There are 72 different cultures in Zambia. Some of the historic places you can check out are the Livingstone Museum – the oldest museum in the town, and Kawaza Village, situated near South Luangwa National Park.


There are 20 wildlife parks in Zambia, which have the Big Five, hyenas, vervet monkeys and different species of birds. Some of the parks you can visit include Kasanka National Park.


If you’re a party person, worry not, because there are big festivals during the second half of the year.

In July, the traditions of the Lunda and Luba people are celebrated in the “Umutomboko festival”, where Zambians celebrate their coming to the country from the Congo.

There is also the “Kazanga festival” celebrated by the Nkoya tribe from June to August. Kazanga is considered the oldest festival in Zambian history, having been celebrated for over 500 years.

Whenever visiting a foreign country, make sure you do thorough research and practice safety precautions.