WATCH: Woman risks life for the perfect shot at Devil’s Pool

Top view of Victoria Falls, Zambia Picture: Instagram

Top view of Victoria Falls, Zambia Picture: Instagram

Published May 8, 2023


But no, tourists from all corners of the world seem to love the adrenaline rush of taking a plunge into the Devil’s Pool. I guess it’s named that for a reason.

Devil’s Pool in Zambia is a natural infinity pool on the edge of Victoria Falls.

Visitors have to swim against a strong current to get to it. Lest we forget, thy’re swimming right on the edge of the falls. But hey, who needs a boring old regular pool when you can have the thrill of your life?

A video on TikTok shows a woman sitting on the edge of Devil’s Pool, posing for a photo, with Victoria Falls in the background.

Many people have expressed concern for her safety, as it’s a risky and dangerous act. Is doing it for the gram really that important?

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Additionally, as stated in “Further Africa”, there is a risk of falling from Devil’s Pool. Generally, it is considered safe if certain safety measures are followed: swimming only during the dry season when the water level is low, and supervised by trained guides who ensure that safety precautions are taken and swimmers remain within the designated areas.

Despite the measures, Devil’s Pool remains a dangerous attraction, and it’s crucial to follow safety guidelines and instructions.

It seems the YOLO motto remains relevant in 2023. Some people found the risky act bold and daring, while others were appalled and could not imagine putting themselves in danger for the sake of a perfect photo.

One user wrote: ‘’You can live an excellent life without doing this. life is not a game. cherish it.’’

While another said: ‘’They gave me anxiety scared for the both of them I don’t care how much training he has.“

While some people may find it thrilling to dip their adrenalin-seeking toes into Devil’s Pool, it’s important to remember that safety should always be priority. “Yolo” with precaution.