Obese woman refuses to give up extra seat she paid for so that toddler could sit in it

Passenger refused to give up her seat. Picture: Pexels/Pew Nguyen

Passenger refused to give up her seat. Picture: Pexels/Pew Nguyen

Published Dec 20, 2023


No matter how long a flight is, one always wants to be as comfortable as possible.

That’s why so many people book their seats early so that they can get the perfect seat to suit their needs.

This Reddit user did just that but it didn’t quite go her way.

A 34-year-old woman, who admits to being obese, took to the “Am I the A**hole” group to share what happened to her on a flight she was recently on.

“I’m going over to see my brother and his husband for Christmas across the country and because I’m fat, I booked an extra seat so everyone can be more comfortable. I know it sucks having to pay for an extra seat but it is what it is,” she wrote.

According to the woman, everything went smoothly from checking in to security and boarding.

However, things changed when a woman got to her row with her son.

“She told me to squeeze into one seat so her son could sit in the other. She told me, not asked. I told her no and that I paid for this seat for the extra space,” wrote the Reddit user.

The mother then continued to make a big fuss over it which caught the flight attendants’s attention.

“She told the flight attendant I was stealing the seat from her son, then I showed my boarding passes, proving that I, in fact, paid for the extra seat.

“The flight attendant asked me if I could try to squeeze in, but I said no, that I wanted the extra seat I paid for. The boy, who the mom said is 18 months old was supposed to sit in her lap so he could do just that.”

Eventually, the mother was told by the flight attendant that she had to put the boy in her lap during the flight.

“I got dirty looks and passive-aggressive remarks from her for the entire flight and I do feel a little bad because the boy looked hard to control so AITA?,” the woman asked other Reddit users.

One person said: “She’s TA for not buying a seat for her son and assuming someone else would give up a seat they paid for. Odds are she was hoping there’d be extra seats on the flight so she didn’t have to pay and used the lap thing as a loophole.”

“NTA. Some people are so entitled you paid for the seats, you should not have to give one of them up. The cabin crew should have stopped this straight away once they saw you had booked both seats, it should have been obvious why. They should not have asked you to squeeze in to 1 seat,” responded another.

“NTA, but the mom and the flight attendant absolutely are. I’d go so far as making a complaint to the airline about their employee supporting another passenger harassing you. WHY these flight attendants want to encourage this a**hole behaviour I will never understand,” wrote another Reddit user.

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