Woman says her flight routine was ‘disrupted’ by passenger who died and wants her money back

Complaint about passenger dying on British Airways flight. Picture: Pexels.

Complaint about passenger dying on British Airways flight. Picture: Pexels.

Published Mar 27, 2023


An unidentified woman shared her experience on a flight from Jamaica to London, in a screen-shot of the now-deleted post. There are some instances that happen unexpectedly, with nobody able to control the situation.

However, this woman showed her true colours when she complained about a death incident that occurred on a flight. She seemed to be curt about it, with no sympathy at all.

A passenger directly (two) rows behind us passed away in the most horrific way, giving us the most traumatic experience during a flight,” she said.

British Airways told “The Post’’ that the airline crew did their best to be professional with on board services while also attending to the medical emergency.

The woman, who was travelling with her five kids and pregnant sister, complained that their flight was delayed by three hours which “ruined their routines” and made the kids fussy. She also said there wasn’t enough food for her family as they were given “limited amount” of food vouchers.

She said they did not receive the service they paid for.

But it’s what happened next that made the woman upset: “I’ve never in my life, witnessed someone being shocked or having CPR performed and never would I have expected that to (have) happened on (a) flight returning home.”

Does this woman think this death was planned?

She said the unexpected incident left her family sad and traumatised. I’m sure, they were not the only passengers affected but why take it to Facebook like it’s a every day complaint?

“I would have expected some sort of communication from (British Airways) to those of us that have been on the flight, particularly close enough to have been impacted and witnessed the whole experience, to check on our well-being, apologise for the experience and offer some sort of compensation or counselling following it,” the post said.

It seems selfishness is the norm these days, how did this become a personal issue for her and her family when someone lost a family member.

The post said: “We also have been led to believe had the flight not have been delayed and this poor lady had been able to eat on time and not had the chaotic experience leading up to and boarding the flight, her life may not have been wasted, and she may still be here today.”

The complaint requested reimbursement of hundreds of dollars in “out-of-pocket expenses” for a disrupted trip.

Tweeps had this to say about the incident.

“Give me strength! How arrogant to believe they are so important. Unless they have medical knowledge, to speculate that the poor lady’s death was a result of the flight being delayed is despicable!’’ said another tweet.

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