LOOK: The latest travel digital magazine is all about experiencing Africa in all its splendour

Published May 30, 2023


In commemoration of African Month, this edition of the “Travel” magazine takes readers on a journey through the continent.

Whether you are a culture vulture or you are seeking an adventure, a culinary escape or a place that is paradise on earth, we have you covered.

The cover of the latest travel digi mag.

The cover story is all about basking in luxury at the best hotels on the African continent. Guests are treated to picture-perfect views and unique experiences.

Of course, if you can afford to splurge, why not.

But if the budget doesn’t allow it, stay closer to home and explore some of the most charming towns in Mzansi.

You get to soak up the tranquillity of nature, find out more about the place’s history and tuck into treats that are distinct to the place. It’s one of my favourite ways to travel.

We experienced a major event on the tourism calendar with “Travel Indaba 2023”. Aside from being a success, it provided insight into the growth in the sector as well as trends.

If you are a foodie, Africa has plenty to whet your appetite. Aside from listing the countries that offer the best culinary experiences, we look at the best street foods.

Whether it’s an adventure or a culinary attraction that you are looking for, Africa has the best of both worlds. Picture: Pixabay

And if you are in South Africa, we list the trendy bars that are the talk of the town. It’s all about the atmosphere mixed with great company and cocktails.

While there is much beauty to be found in travel, there is also the bizarre. And if Africa is top of mind as a destination, a safari is on the itinerary. But one travel agent had a bit of an eye-roll moment at some outrageous requests.

I hope this edition stokes the wanderlust and inspires you to explore the splendour of the African continent. Happy travels!

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